Zhanhong Liao

Her art contains paintings, mixed media objects, assemblages and diaries, recently also computerworks. Her travels, experiences from daily life and different traditions are her inspiration, thereby creating a broad type of art.

The diaries are a central and essential part in her art. By using the bold structure of paint over texts and images, a rich layered form arises, not only in the material field but also cultural and to its contents.

The diaries show a rich and very developed sensibility for colour and composition and a great craftsmanship in handling all sorts of materials. One can observe the influences of Buddhism and Christianity. Each page shows its own mood and causes its own emotion.

Zhanhong says about her diaries:

You can look closely in a book and you can touch a book. Each time you turn a page, you will be surprised.The basic material is also divers. I often use dummies made from sturdy paper, but also Chinese exercise books made from fragile and thin paper. My diaries are influenced by a mix of different worlds and cultures: memories and experiences from China and also from the Netherlands and other countries.

Artwork © Zhanhong Liao