Yin Xiuzhen

Portable City Hangzhou was exhibited in the Osthaus Museum in Hagen, Germany during the China 8 Contemporary Art exhibition that lasted until 13 Septembre 2015.

To create her artworks, the artist uses everyday materials, like used clothes. The clothing is transformed into miniature buildings and cities, the used clothes represent a kind of second skin, bearing the wearer’s emotions and personal history. The series Portable Cities is inspired by Yin Xiuzhen trips abroad and by seeing the huge amount of suitcases, the surrogates for home and countries of their owners. Yin Xuizhen created the old clothes into miniatures of the places of residence of the people who ones wore them. The miniatures were then placed into the suitcases. We see here the changing concepts of homeland, merging of cultures as wel as religions. Her art is a way of communicating about memories, changes, experiences and knowledge.


Artwork © Yin Xiuzhen