Yang Yongliang

As a youngster Yang Yongliang was educated in Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy. At the age of 25 he started experimenting and creating contemporary art with photography and video art.

Now he is a virtuoos artist, who masters and combines traditional knowledge and modern artistic practices to create new forms of expression.

The video “Rising Mist, 2014” is on of his brilliant creations.
Watching the video one sees the traditional Shan Shui Chinese landscape, but on closer look, depicts a sceenery, that is far from harmonious, beautiful and peaceful.
The landscape is littered with factories, construction sites, skyscrapers and heavy traffic, constantly changing , industrialising and producing noise. You can almost smell the pollution of the environment.
The video shows how Yang Yongliang has succeed to create an artwork that shows the fragility and beauty of nature, despite the destructive effects of urbanisation and industrialisation.

Artwork © Yang Yongliang