Liu Fenghua & Liuyong

The Bing Ma Yong series (Terracotta Warrior and horse)

The Bing Ma Yong series (Terracotta Warrior and horse) started in 2004, as a result of a cultural project called "New terracotta Warriors". Instead of using canvas the artist couple paints on new terracotta statues.

The statues are as high as human beings, but also smaller statues are used.

In their art work there is a connection between the present and the past of China. The themes of the artworks are clearly the influences of China by the West. The artists ambition is to create a new terracotta army of about 6000 warriors. Watch out, the ninth world wonder is emerging.


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Biography Liu Fenghua

Born in 1956, Hebei Province, China.

1982 Central Academy of Drama, Fine Art Faculty, China.

1984 to 2006 décor designer for several opera houses in Shanghai, Beijing, Hebei, Shangxi, China.

Solo Exhibitions:

1995 Liu Fenghua Art Exhibition and Liu Fenghua Painting Exhibition, Beijing 1999 Lost Civilization, Situation en Liu Fenghua Painting Exhibition, Beijing

Group Exhibitions:

1988 Oil painting Associate Exhibition in Gaoxiong, Taiwan, First Chinese Oil painting Year Exhibition, Beijing;

1989 Contemporary Oil painting Exhibition in Sydney, Australia;

1990 Beijing Spring Salon, Beijing;

1991 en 1994 Asiatic Modern Painting Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan;

1994 Chinese Oil Painter Associate Exhibition in Toronto, Canada;

1996 20th Century China in Germany;

1997 20th Century China Tour Exhibition in Austria, Denmark, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Singapore;

1998 Survival Tour, Beijing;

2001 Garther at Desheng Gate en Reconstituted Images and Marks, Beijing;

2003 Ink and Paper in France.

Biography Liuyong

Born in 1971 in Shenyang, China.

1996 Stage Fine Art Faculty, Shanghai Academy of Drama.

2005 owner of Visual Art studio in Beijing and participation of group exhibition for the opera house in Beijing, China.

Exhibitions Terracotta Warriors:

2004 Contemporary Power-Clashes Art Exhibition Beijing, 1st Shi Cheng Shi Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China;

2005 City and Body Art Exhibition , "Pavilion" Contemporary Art Exhibition, 2nd Shi Cheng Shi Contemporary Art
Exhibition, 1st Contemporary Professional Artist Associate Exhibition, Beijing, China; Guangzhou International Art Exhibition, Guangzhou, China.

2006 Armory Art Exhibition New York, USA; International Art Exhibition Singapore; 2nd Song Village Art Festival Exhibition , Beijing, China; London Art Festival, London, England; Song Village Oil Painting, Beijing, China; "Power-clashes" Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China.

2007 Milan International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Milan, Italy; Sun Guanghua's and Liu Fenghua's Contemporary Art Associate Exhibition, Beijing, China; 2007 China-Song Village Art Tour Exhibition, Beijing, China;

567 Contemporary Art Exhibition Tour, Beijing-Berlin-Paris-Brussels; Materialism Starting from Here, Beijing, China.