About Esteelie

Since the founding of ESTeeLIE Contemporary eight years have passed.

In the previous period and on my visits to China, I saw the profound changes that have taken place in the contemporary Chinese art. In addition, the visits have deepened my knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture and history.
Surprisingly I found out that also my understanding of contemporary Chinese art grew strongly. It was clear that contemporary Chinese art is deeply rooted in the Chinese culture, which is millennia old.

With this new website I want to share my newly acquired knowledge with you.
To understand contemporary Chinese art to the fullest, one needs to understand Chinese philosophy and culture.

The artists work from their Chinese context. The Chinese tradition is thousands of years old.
Chinese philosophy is based on emotion rather than logic or rationality. Poets and painters use nature as symbols to express themselves. Flowers, birds, mountains and water express several individualities, feelings, education, ideas and emotions.
Chinese attitude is to suggest a shape as a hint of the universe. This has not changed in the past thousands of years. Thus Contemporary Chinese art distinguishes its self from the western art, although the form in which contemporary art presents itself appears western to us.

Contemporary Chinese art has a relatively short history.

At present a clear change is perceived in contemporary Chinese art. After a period of irony and cynical realism, one now beholds the present generation of artists focusing on reflection and researching their own experiences.

Their artworks are both realistic and abstract and the result is fascinating and of a great diversity.

September 2015, Marijke Mosheuvel-Lie