798 Art Zone The Hague

September 12 to October 9, 2015
The Hague

Contemporary Art Exhibition “798 Impression” with famous Chinese artists of China until October 9, 2015 at the Townhall and the WTC in The Hague.

The contemporary artists of China are looking for new ways to deal with everyday life in a fast changing modern society. Their artworks reflect the emotions, thoughts and feelings they come across in daily life.
The exhibition “798 Art Zone in The Hague” also promotes the hussling and buzzling of 798 Art District in Beijing. If one has the chance to visit the 798 Art District, sure has to do so, because as an art lover you will feel the dynamic and vitality of this place.
Don’t expect to find the artists though, they have left this area long time ago, because it became too expensive to live and work in. The exhibition is part of the China Cultural Festival in The Hague.
Visit www.798artzone.nl to find out more.